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This agreement basically tells about the terms and conditions to use the website This agreement is basically a digital contract that comes under the IT act, 2000, and doesn’t need any sort of physical or digital signatures.

By accessing this website or entering any of your personal information, you are bound by these terms of Use. You are advised to keep visiting this page to get the latest updates for terms of use as we will keep on changing these with time.

Please read these terms and conditions:

  • Acceptance of services: Our Company offers information on various financial services and loan facilities available with us. Thus, you authorize us to share your private info with our group companies and other third parties. By this agreement, you agree to receive emails or SMS from the company itself or its third-party vendors regarding any service or other updates of the same niche.
  • License and website access: The Company is providing you the limited use of the website and the associated services. By using this website for anything, you agree that you will not use it for any sort of commercial activity or making any transaction which fraudulent.
  • Registration: By registering with us, we assure you that you are a person having a legal age and that you follow all the laws and regulations within the boundaries of this nation. You agree that you will surely take care of the confidentiality of the password which you generate with us.
  • Eligibility: You declare that you are the citizen of India above 18 years age and you follow the provisions of the Indian Contracts Act, 1872.
  • Content Submitted: You will be solely responsible for the content you have posted on our company’s website. It is the company’s sole discretion to include that data or information in the service. It is you who will be responsible for any type of violation of the company’s policy if you fill the wrong data.
  • Third-party link: Since this website may offer links for third party websites. However, we are very clear that the company is not responsible for any type of information you get on those websites and your interaction with the third party is at your own risk. We are not bound to compensate for any fraud which may happen to you with the third party.
  • Warranty Disclaimer: You hereby agree with us that access to the website’s information and services is at your own risk and we make no warranty for the services and products offered by the third party from their websites. Thus, we are very clear in this stand to avoid any misconception in the future.
  • Additional Conditions: The Company reserves the right to make any change the content of the website, its privacy policy, and regulations at any time. Even we have a right to suspend or discontinue any service by giving proper notice to you anytime without any obstruction and you have to abide by them.